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Monster NinjasMonster Ninjas®: The Ultimate Weapon (two-comic set)
Trained as ninjas, four monsters battle the evil Leeland Vance and his army of robots. all ages • 48 pages • $10


Monster NinjasMonster Ninjas®: The Ultimate Weapon (EBOOK)
Please specify your type of eReader device, and a file will be emailed to you. (Not available as a PDF). all ages • $5


Monster Ninjas: The Story Behind the Story (limited edition)Monster Ninjas®: The Story Behind the Story
Character designs, original scripts, and more! Only 20 copies of this book were ever printed! 186 pages • $25


Monster Ninjas T-shirtMonster Ninjas®: T-Shirt
Please specify your preferred size when ordering. Available in sizes YS – 3XL $10


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